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Working Line German Shepherd breeding in analysis

How to find a working line german shepherd breeding, and the breeder, that meets your expectations? Let’s study breeders based on what their breeding plans look like in terms of health, properties, and trainability?

What kind of expectations does enthusiast have for a working line German Shepherd litters and breeders?

Let’s say you’re an enthusiast looking for a puppy. What is your own idea of working line german shepherd breeding? Or an ideal breeder? Do you want him to be a reliable “support” and a friend, or just a person who sells you a dog. What about the interesting litter. Is the information in the sales announcement enough for you, or do you want to know more? For instance the breeder’s principles, and why has he chosen this particular breeding combination?

Working Line German Shepherd enthusiasts and breeders should be demanding customers

What people expect from a breeder, certainly depends on what kind of a history they have with working GSDs, and in IGP sports. Experienced handlers know what they want and where to find it, but also knowledge for beginners should be available. And then there are working GSD breeders. Above all they should be the most demanding customers. Usually they have breeding material available from their own litters. However from time to time they also may want, or need to add some new blood into their program. Like me, for instance.

From breeder to breeder

You certainly can imagine that working line german shepherd breeders especially have to think about their future puppy very carefully. Even these early decisions will affect their breeding work, and therefore also IGP-enthusiasts at some point. And to whom can we turn to other than breeder colleagues’ direction? This may sound easy. However it’s just not quite that simple. For instance my first thought is, whether colleagues have similar breeding principles and goals as I do. And believe or not, many working line german shepherd breeders are not very open about their thoughts and breeding, if you introduce yourself as a breeder. If you are a “casual puppy buyer” you will get a much more welcoming reception.

Working line GSD breeding standard

If we ask today’s working line german shepherd breeders about their opinion on breeding standards, and how they adhere to it, I think that most of the enthusiasts would like them to respond exactly the same way. My ideal answer would be that they take care of GSD’s general health, take x-rays, do genetic tests, maintain working characteristics, and train their dogs. But are breeders really that unanimous? And how much of an impact personal differences have on breeders actions.

I am quite passionate about the subject and therefore I am going to proceed to examine and comment on the topic publicly. My purpose is to get people to talk about health issues more openly – especially about autoimmune diseases – and try to take that in notice when planning their breeding.

How to find the best working line german shepherd breeder for you?

When others are aiming for dog sports, some of us want to do our best as working line GSD breeders. For that reason, there may also be different approaches to how to evaluate and find  breeders and litters. In any case, it makes sense to look for a committed and reliable breeder. In my opinion, the first thing is to find out how uncompromising the breeder is about the dog’s health. Another thing, but equally important, is to find out how high standards they have for their dogs. And how realistic and truthful they are about their own dogs. These are tough questions (even when not asked directly), and interpretation of the breeder will need some background information. So the question is, how we can dig that important data out.

Contacting breeders is easy, but...

Thanks to the internet, there is a lot of information, and it is quite easy to find. Contacting breeders and stud owners is super easy with email, and even if you can’t speak or write the same language, Google translator helps you. But prepare also rejections. And always remember to be careful, and keep your radar up! Don’t fall for the first, at least without exploring other options as well. You probably won’t get any compensation, if something goes wrong with the puppy. So the best thing to do is to get to know your breeder first. Some breeders have higher quality criteria than others, so how do we identify those, who make the right choices, and fit our values and expectations? How do we know which breeders we want to contact?

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Cornerstones of Working Line German Shepherd breeding work

Upcoming and planned working GSD litters

Maybe you already have a breeder in mind? Or you may want a puppy from a certain male or female. When you are looking for options, the best way is to study different breeders and their previous and upcoming litters, and litter plans. New litters are offered daily. Not even covid-19 has much of an effect on that. Only the sale of puppies abroad, or the use of a foreign breeding male, has become difficult.

Working Line German Shepherd breeding and breeders under a magnifying glass

Meanwhile, let’s look, what breeders are offering. There is a great variety of combinations in where I have taken a few breedings under my “magnifying glass”. First of all, I have created categories to picture the differences and similarities between breeding plans. I have certain basic criteria that I need to find in each combination to find it interesting. And, accordingly, health risks that I absolutely want to avoid. Although I am critical, I look at things from many perspectives. It means that in some cases, I may consider to accept certain undesirable but mild factors. However, they are factors that must be balanced by another, very valuable factor. I said that actually very weirdly, but I will try to make my words more clear later. So, if you are interested to hear my thoughts, let’s see what I have found

Working line GSD breeding in analysis - Introducing interesting combinations

The dogs’ are easy to evaluate if at least some work samples (videos) are available. Health data is a little more challenging. The disadvantage is that the information may be incorrect. In some cases, there is no information available at all. Then it has to be interpreted.

At this point, I boldly rely on the experience I have acquired. At worst, I may be wrong in my conclusions, but to prove me being wrong requires evidence of health. That should be easy to do if dogs are examined and healthy. Therefore I am right until proven otherwise 😉

Things are changing better.

While beginning this site, I had already done some research for my breeding work. The purpose was to find a stud male for my bitch, and the right kind of litter to get a new puppy. I found numerous combinations. But many of them didn’t offer enough information or carried high health risks. It also seemed clear that multiple litters were made only for money-making purposes. These litters had “super” pedigrees – “matadors” as fathers and mothers from famous lines. These bitches, however, didn’t by any means have enough health results, no information of siblings, or previous offspring.

At the same time, doing these analyses, I have reminded myself NOT to get stuck with thoughts – it is vital to see the whole picture. There is a possibility that maybe things have started to change. The more issues are brought up, the more people, breeders, stud male owners, and enthusiasts will be aware of the risks. Knowledge hopefully makes people think differently about health issues and the meaning of choices for working line GSD breeding.

There is no "superior stud male" at the moment. Is it because BLS 2021 was a bitch?

Again, studying available litters and breeding plans, I found several good combinations representing now a considerably more comprehensive choice. I do not know whether the current situation is because, at the moment, there is no stud male (or males) who would be such “superior” compared to other males. Instead, there are many good and attractive males available at the moment.

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