A simple Guide to New German Shepherd Owners The German Shepherd is a prevalent dog breed, and many people dream of getting one. So it is an excellent question to think about how to train a German Shepherd puppy? They are robust, intelligent, and noble animals that, […]
war in ukraine casualities Ukrainian IGP Champion 2021 may never do sports again. …War in Ukraine casualties includes also IGP dogs with their handlers… Russian war forces our sports friends in Ukraine to fight for their lives and future… Photography: Daria Nastevych and #VogueUkraina #StandWithUkraine, online […]
Cap v. Olfetal – v.d Burg-Adlerstein litter in analysis This male is one of the few dogs that made me interested in this year’s BSP. One of the criteria – among character and health – is pedigree. To be interested I need to see a good […]
About My breeding plan I have told you about my breeding plan. Lately, I have been busy for obvious reasons – I have a litter of six to take care of at home. Puppies are seven weeks now. Their mom, Indy Hanmark, “left the building” a […]
Fatty acids How good fatty acids support breeding work and sport dogs? A German Shepherd is a working dog – or sports dog – how we want to interpret it. In sports, IGP requires a healthy structure and musculature in dogs. As dog handlers, we know […]
Grauenfeld This combination I have been waiting for I have commented on combinations in Working-dog, but now I am opening my thoughts as a breeder and reasons for this breeding. May I present a strong combination of Indy Hanmark and Odin Düstergrund Visit breeding Promising litter […]
Working GSD Alfred Hahn – letters from the legend A few words about breeder Alfred Hahn: His v. Busecker Schloss dogs won the breeders group at SV’s German Shepherd dogs main show in ‘68, ’69, and -74. In ‘93, most of the breed surveyed dogs in […]
Jeff Eqidius Working lines have always had males lines that dominate breeding. There are strong bitches too, but for some reason, breeding is still talked about through males. How the lines begin and how they get their popularity is pure coincidence. Some dogs arouse interest with […]