This is where the Problems in Working Line GSD are spoken about openly.

Let’s dive into working line GSD topics

The first thing I need to say is that thank god there are good people, too, breeders and stud male owners – otherwise, the Working line GSD story would be finished. Secondly, the purpose of this page is to take a stand, criticize and deliberately challenge working line breeders and sports enthusiasts to face the problems in Working Line GSD health. For decades, breeders and dog athletes have been aware of health issues in particular dogs and overall in bloodlines, but these topics are taboo for most. In breeding, the goals of dog sports have overtaken the pursuit of a healthy dog.

I hate lies and misconduct and people who underestimate others by trying to scam them. Some (unfortunately many) breeders and stud male owners are deliberately silent on the subject so that issues won’t hurt the sale of the puppies and the males won’t lose mating chances. Money talks enormously in these matters. These are so-called public secrets – problems are hushed up, and information is hidden. The fact is that people also falsify Data.

On the other hand, nothing – like dogs or breeders’ choices – is entirely black and white. Dealing with current dog material needs compromises, but how much, and for what reasons – that’s the biggest challenge for working line breeding today.

And thirdly, I have received a lot of positive feedback about this site, and it makes me very happy! Thank you very much! But I’ve also heard that not everyone likes the information I’ve shared. I’m not surprised at all. I assess that these people are the ones whose actions are negatively affected by such information (loss of money, questions they don’t want or can’t answer). That I can’t be sorry of, but I’m sorry for all those pups, youngsters, and adult dogs who had to be put down because of their illnesses, caused by poor breeding choices.

So, come along, if you share my passion of these topics! And If you want to contact me, don’t hesitate!